The plants selected for a hedge should be consistent in size shape and colour for an instant effect that will grow from the time planted through to the finished project.  Avoid single stemmed plants, while good for topiary, they can add extra years to hedges waiting for the sides to catch up. When ordering from us, we ensure all plants selected for the order are of similar size and shape to give your hedge a consistent appearance.


Box plants should be planted in well dug, manured soil.  If digging individual holes, make sure they are bigger than the pots so the roots can grow through the soil.  If planting smaller plants 5 per metre should be sufficient, but they  can be planted touching provided the roots can grow out sideways at the base. ( 3 - 4 per metre for these larger 60 cm plants) Note: not many plants will grow in builders rubble or soil with bricklayers mud in it.  Do not plant under new brick walls unless the soil is free of cement.  If no rain is expected water in liberally.


Fertilise after planting with organic balanced manure, 10mm thick from the base out to 50 mm, then once a year after that.  Will benefit from a layer of mulch which will also conserve water.  Keep well watered for the first summer after which watering can be reduced by 50% or as needed.


Fertilise as above.  Trim back to an even shape before winter for maximum spring growth.  Each trimmed leaf will then shoot two more buds than if left untrimmed.  Just add a light trim in summer to keep a neat appearance.  Moisture should always be present around the roots to form maximum growth.  Automatic drip lines are a good way of regulating watering or a soaker hose with auto shut off.  Heavy mulching can dramatically reduce moisture loss, as well as improve soil structure.


Brown plants are usually caused by lack of fertiliser or lack of water.  If corrected the plants will recover well.  This is often the case when renovating an existing hedge.  Add the ingredients and it will return to its former glory and life expectancy (which could be well over 100 years).